Block Grafting for Ridge Augmentation

Block grafting is a method of ridge augmentation to enhance the thickness of the bone primarily for dental implant placement.

Block grafting is accomplished once Noraian anesthetizes you, with or without sedation. He makes an incision and lifts the soft tissue away to expose the area to augment the bone. Noraian uses a special surgical kit to make a groove in the bone and harvest an exact replica of the groove from the donor block graft sourced from the hip bone of a cadaver, known as a core. The core will be retained in the groove made in your jaw with a titanium screw and the edges of the core will be covered with human donor bone graft particles. Noraian will place a resorbable barrier over the core and particulate grafts and then close the soft tissue over the bone and then secure it with stitches.

After about six months, Noraian will use a cone beam CT scan to assess how much of the grafting has integrated with your bone. At the time the implant is ready for placement, Noraian will remove the retention screw from the block graft, he will inspect the bone for stability and then he will place your implant.

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