Tori Removal

Torus Removal

A torus is an outgrowth of bone that is perfectly normal to develop, though not everyone develops tori. These excess bone growths may develop in either arch and maybe a nuisance if they interfere with a dental appliance, your oral hygiene, or the space for your tongue.

The torus of the palate, or roof of the mouth, is known as the torus palatinus. The torus of the lower jaw is referred to as the torus mandibularis. You may develop tori due to your genetics or due to environmental changes like a local irritation, bruxing or grinding your teeth, or teeth that are in malocclusion, also known as an uneven bite.

While most tori are benign and do not require treatment, some tori may irritate you and require surgical removal or reshaping. Reasons for tori reduction include:

  1. Accommodating upper or lower complete or partial dentures and provisional dentures.
  2. Making better access for the mouth to be self-cleansing.
  3. Creating better access to personal oral hygiene.

Depending on what caused the torus to develop, it may recur. The growth is usually slow and there is a small chance that retreatment may be necessary.

In the early days, tori removal or reduction may have been very painful. However, Noraian uses Piezosurgery which allows for a gentle reshaping of the bone with minimal or substantially reduced post-operative discomfort.

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