Cost of Dental Implants In Bloomington IL

How Much do Dental Implants Cost?

When it comes to dental care including dental implants, it is important for every patient to understand their budget. In order to plan accordingly, the best solution is, to begin with, a comprehensive examination by Noraian and his team as there are several factors affecting the cost of dental implants such as:

  • Making sure your mouth is healthy enough to receive implants
  • The number and types of dental implants required
  • Any preparatory procedures needed before implants may be placed
  • The type of restoration used to complete your care

In addition to a gum examination, another key part is to obtain a 3D x-ray known as a cone beam CT scan which may be done right inside Noraian‘s Bloomington, IL office. During your consultation, Noraian and his team will review options and the associated cost of treatment including the cost of dental implants and traditional treatment.

If you have lost teeth, or teeth need to be removed, dental implants may provide a huge improvement in your quality of life including a confident smile and enjoying your favorite foods. Dental implants open up options with even greater longevity compared to other traditional tooth-replacement methods such as bridges and dentures. While bridges and dentures may be initially less expensive in the short term, they require repair or replacement every 5-10 years which makes them more expensive over time. Noraian is happy to recommend treatment solutions that restore your health, comfort, and smile and coordinate a financing plan within your budget for a fully rehabilitated smile.

Cost of Additional Procedures

The gum examination is key to providing an understanding of your overall oral health. Having healthy teeth and gums stacks the cards in favor of keeping dental implants for a long time. The bacteria responsible for gum disease may shorten the longevity of dental implants. As Noraian is a periodontist, a gum specialist, he offers solutions to manage gum disease before implants are placed.

When people lose teeth too early, the available bone for implant placement may shrink, or atrophy, over time. Some patients may need to have a bone graft to restore the missing bone before being approved for dental implants, while others may require a sinus lift to protect the soft tissues of the sinus. If needed, these procedures are vital to the success and longevity of dental implants with additional visits required and an extended time for recovery. Thus, the surgery and associated follow-up visits and related care may affect the total cost of dental implants.

Final Restorations

Dental implants are an important foundation for a wide variety of final restorations including a single dental crown, a dental bridge or a full denture. Also, the final restorations may be made from a variety of materials including dental porcelain and zirconium. Hence, the restorations you and your dentist decide to place on your new dental implants will have a significant impact on the total treatment cost.


As you may know, dental implants may provide many benefits, and they are not usually covered by insurance. Though your plan may cover some benefits for your care such as basic restoration options and preliminary periodontal care, it probably will not cover the entire cost. Noraian and his team will work with you to create a financing plan with CareCredit that allows you to make manageable monthly payments as you enjoy the benefits of chewing, speaking and smiling with total confidence.

More about Dental Implants

With proper care, dental implants may last a lifetime, making the treatment a worthwhile investment for your overall health. For a consultation with Noraian to review your treatment options and discuss the cost of your dental implant treatment, contact our office today.

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