First Visit to Bloomington IL Periodontist

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

Please assist  Noraian‘s team at the time of your first visit to the office by providing the following information:

  1. Please bring your referral slip and x-rays from your referring dentist. If you forget them, Noraian team will try to obtain them from your referring dentist if time permits and the referring office is open. If you do not have a referring dentist, please come ready with an idea of what you would like Noraian to evaluate. If needed,  [LAST-NAME link=false] can take additional x-rays at the office.
  2. Please bring a list of your current medications. If you don’t have a list, just throw your medications in a bag and bring them with you. Please notify the office if you have a medical condition or concern prior to your appointment (like do you need premedication for a heart, hip or knee issue, or any other medical condition you are not sure about).
  3. If you have dental insurance, please bring any forms or insurance cards with you to the appointment.
  4. Please plan on 90-120 minutes for your first visit. If we don’t need that much time great, otherwise, we may need to bring you back to complete things.

Please Note: All patients under 18 must have a parent or guardian accompany them at their consultation appointment.

What Will Happen On My First Visit?

A member of the team will take on a brief tour of the office to get you familiar with our accommodations. Next, the team will commence by an interview which will include an in-depth medical history and dental health history including taking your blood pressure.

  • Many times we are asked why this information is collected and it is important to understand that the best way to proceed with dental treatment, even a dental exam, it to make sure the patient is healthy enough to proceed.
  • On rare occasions, Dr. Noraian and his team may discover something requires medical follow up and clearance before dental treatment or examination may begin.
  • As a hospital-trained dentist, Dr. Noraian has a wide comfort zone with treating patients with complex medical conditions and sometimes a coordinated care effort is needed with your medical team in order to proceed with dental care safely and appropriately.

Since a strong foundation is needed before you invest in new dental work, Dr. Noraian and his team will assess your foundation before making treatment recommendations. As Dr. Noraian is a periodontist, he is responsible for your foundation. Your dental examination may include measurements of bone loss, checking for loose teeth and bite problems, checking TMJ and looking for other signs of gum problems. Once the appropriate data is collected, Dr. Noraian and his team will let you know your treatment solutions for gum surgery, gum grafting, dental implants, and restorative treatment.

Smile, you have options

Noraian and his team will work hard to provide you with a choice of treatment solutions. Typically, there is more than one way to provide for your treatment needs and the risks, benefits, alternatives and associated investment for your treatment solutions will be presented. Our goal is to help you make the best decision about treatment that is right for you. And remember, along the way you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions.


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