Instructions After Surgery

Bloomington IL Periodontist Noraian INSTRUCTIONS

These instructions apply to a surgical procedure you just underwent. They are designed to help you minimize post-surgical discomfort and inform you of situations that may require special attention.

Pain Medications

Please alert the staff to any allergies or sensitivities you might have to pain medications so that Noraian may help you find one to which you will not react. Discomfort is typical for at least the first week following your surgical procedure. Noraian will prescribe medication to help you tolerate the post-surgical recovery period and he asks that you take your medications as directed. If necessary, you may take your pain medication at the shortest interval on your prescription to stay ahead of the soreness. If that method is not working for your situation, please contact Noraian‘s office. Also, he advises that you not take pain medication on an empty stomach, as nausea may result. A full glass of water may help.

Please note that if your prescribed pain medication is not helping, do not boost it with additional acetaminophen, or Tylenol.  This may exceed the safety level of acetaminophen. Please contact the office with any questions you may have.


Please alert the staff to any allergies or sensitivities that you might have to antibiotics so that Noraian may help you find one to which you will not react. Noraian may prescribe an antibiotic following your surgical procedure and he suggests you take it as directed until gone unless you are reacting to it. One way to avoid nausea is to avoid taking these medications on an empty stomach. Taking the antibiotic with a full glass of water is one way to minimize nausea and to help the antibiotic dissolve. For women taking birth control pills, antibiotics may interfere with the pill’s effectiveness and alternative forms of birth control may need to be considered.


Swelling may occur following any surgical procedure and will typically increase two to three days after the procedure. To minimize the swelling, place an ice pack over the outside cheek area for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. Continue using ice for two to three days following the procedure as often as possible.


A small amount of bleeding is normal. If excessive or continuous bleeding occurs:

  • Do not rinse your mouth.
  • Elevate your head while lying down.
  • Apply moistened gauze to the immediate area with moderate pressure with freshly washed hands for 20 minutes; repeat if necessary.
  • Enclose a moistened tea bag in a gauze square and apply pressure with freshly washed hands for 20 minutes.
  • Call the office if bleeding persists.


You may use a dressing (which acts as a bandage)  to protect the surgical site and help reduce discomfort. It is typical for dressing to come off or to become uncomfortable.  If this occurs please call the office for direction. Not all lost or loose dressing needs to be replaced, so when you call the office, the staff will advise you how to proceed.


Until you are comfortable, please avoid chewing on the side where the surgery was completed. Please avoid hot foods and liquids for approximately one hour following the surgery so as not to soften the dressing, and so that you do not burn your mouth while it is still numb. Noraian recommends a soft diet. Foods such as cottage cheese, oatmeal, soup, eggs,
yogurt, pasta, mashed potatoes, casseroles, and fruits are more easily eaten. Remember, adequate nutrition is essential for feeling better as well as for healing. If the soft diet is not keeping your hunger away, try Ensure or Sustacal which are a total meal in a can. You may make these supplements into a smoothie with crushed ice and remember not to drink them with a straw to avoid disrupting your wound.


Noraian asks that you not smoke for at least two weeks following your surgical procedure. Continuing to smoke after surgery will significantly slow your healing, may compromise results and run the risk of you needing retreatment.


Do not drink alcohol while taking prescription pain medications.


Noraian asks that you not rinse after surgery. Rinsing may disrupt the wound or compromise your result. Noraian will let you know when you may resume rinsing.


Do not brush the surgical site. You may resume normal brushing/flossing in other areas the following day.

Suture Removal

If you notice some increased discomfort three to four days after the surgical procedure, you may be feeling the tissues pull against the sutures and dressing as you heal. For your suture removal appointment, you may choose to take some form of pain medication an hour prior to your suture removal appointment to minimize tenderness. If you required Antibiotic Pre-Medication, take the prescribed antibiotics an hour prior to your suture removal appointment.

additional instructions

Depending on your surgical procedure, you will be provided a special set of written instructions which will be reviewed with you at the appropriate time.

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