OssTell Implant Stability Meter

OssTell Implant Stability MeterWhile Noraian‘s dental implant placement success meets or exceeds the published success rate of 95 percent, he is always looking for ways to improve the patient result so he has added the OssTell ISQ Implant Stability Meter to his implant protocol.

With 3-D imaging, guided surgery and other advanced implant placement techniques, Noraian uses the OssTell ISQ Implant Stability Meter to record baseline stability of the implant at the time of placement as well as during important intervals following implant placement. During the healing time, the ISQ number allows for a mode of comparison and allows Noraian to communicate to your restorative dentist that your implant is ready to be restored. Once the implant stability is at an appropriate level, the implants may be able to be restored even sooner than the typical 4-6 month wait following placement.

The OssTell ISQ Implant Stability Meter provides Noraian with the accurate, consistent and reliable stability measures needed for making informed placement decisions, avoid failure, and gives you added quality assurance.

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