Extraction with Intentional Re-Implantation

When access to the root tip through a surgical window is not available, another option is to have the tooth extracted with intentional re-implantation. Once a tooth has had root canal treatment, the root canal treatment has a small chance of failing. When the treatment is failing, Noraian can extract the tooth which allows him to inspect the root tips. Provided the tooth is not cracked, Noraian inspects the root tips and may place a filling in the root tip. With intentional re-implantation, he places the tooth back in the socket thus saving the tooth.

Noraian typically prescribes post-operative pain medication and antibiotics. For a short period after the surgery, he will instruct you to avoid chewing on the re-implanted tooth. As with any extraction, the tooth may fracture on removal, even with the delicate instrumentation Noraian uses. If the extraction process compromises the tooth, Noraian may not be able to re-implant it, and it may be best to consider a simultaneous ridge repair to save the bone for other prosthetic options.

Noraian will review your options with you so that you know which treatment method is best for you.

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