Transseptal Fiberotomy In Bloomington IL

Once you have completed orthodontic treatment, the most important way to maintain your smile is to continue wearing your retainers. The importance of the retention phase of treatment is the key to preserving your smile and tooth position.

If your teeth have been particularly difficult to move or rotate, or your orthodontist requests surgical assistance with your retention, he or she may ask Dr. Noraian to perform a transseptal fiberotomy to release the fibers which attach the teeth to the soft tissue and bone. This procedure is particularly important as these fibers have memory. Like rubber bands, these fibers are in tension when the mouth stretches them to the new positions of the teeth, and the natural tendency is to relieve the tension which causes the mouth to pull the teeth back toward their original position.

By performing a transseptal fiberotomy, Noraian surgically relieves the fibers once he provides anesthetic. The goal of this procedure is to have the fibers reattach to the new positions of the teeth to relieve the pressure on the forces wanting to pull the teeth back to their original position. Sometimes Noraian performs this procedure shortly before he removes the brackets since the braces themselves will act as retainers during the healing phase, and other times, he will remove the brackets before he does the procedure.

Of course, when treatment is complete, you need to wear your retainers to maintain your healthy smile.

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